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For many more years, I have been photographing and editing architecture. I have done photography worldwide following the ingenious works of the best architects like Zaha Hadid, Santiago Calatrava, and others.I create in black and white, with special postprocessing frames that express the essence of the photographed object. These frames will excite the viewer and turn into an emotional visual experience.


I am the founder of EM Publishers from Jerusalem. 

I am proud to present my first book in a limited edition and high print level of architectural portraits. Soon I will publish more of my photo books.

Eli Matityahu Atchitectural Aortraits
About the book  Architectural Portraits  Limited Edition 
Creator Eli Matityahu

Curator Dr Nissan Perez    

Designer Shmulik Neto.

special and limited edition of 500 copies

Hardcover cloth + jacket, 96 pages of Architectural

Abstract images B&w special post-processing.

language: English 

Weight: 1 kg.

Dimensions: Height 13" Width 10"   |    33x25 cm.

Printed in Tritone method in the Offset Yapimevi Istanbul.

paper type 150 gsm Garda Pat Kiara. 

Publishing by EM Production & Publishers.

ISBN 978-965-92942-0-6

Architectural Portraits limited Edition b&w photography book by Eli Matityahu
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