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Architectural Portraits
A fine Art Photography book by 
Eli Matityahu


The new fine art photography book in a unique and limited edition of architectural images in b&w will take you on a fascinating journey. The book will give you a new perspective on the world of artistic photography.

High level of production and printing.

ספר מעובד מוקטן ד.png
ספר מעובד מוקטן ד.png

Now at pre-sale prices

Eli Matityahu Atchitectural Aortraits

For many more years, I have been photographing and editing architecture. I have done photography worldwide following the ingenious works of the best architects like Zaha Hadid, Santiago Calatrava, Frank Gehry and others.


I create my photos in black and white, with special lighting and post-processing. I create a frame that expresses the essence of the photographed object. This frame fascinates me; it will excite the viewer and turn into an emotional visual experience that will stay in his memory for a long time.


I am the founder of EM Art Publishers from Jerusalem. 

I am proud to present my first book in a limited edition and high print level of architectural portraits and ensure perfect enjoyment.

Soon I will publish more of my photo books.

Video Art - images from the book

I am honoured to present you with a video art clip with pictures from the book.

The clip describes the creation of light which is the tool we photograph.

It tells the story of architectural development in the world, from the Tower of Babel and the Egyptian pyramids to the modern construction in our time, which I photograph and present in the book. I wish you pleasure.

Script, Direction & Voiceover: Eli Matityahu,

Production & Editing: Bruria Pasternak and Pinchas Eitan Huta


A deep respect for the creator. 

He offers the viewer a fascinating, exciting and extraordinary experience.


Matityahu captures and reinterprets architectural shapes with a deep respect

for their creators. In doing so, he offers the viewer a fascinating, exciting and extraordinary experience.

Dr Nissan N. Perez

Curator, Photography historian

These portraits are artwork in their own right

Matityahu's compositions offer magnificent, fresh and fascinating perspectives, emphasizing and isolating the most important and characteristic elements of the photographed buildings. 

These portraits are artwork in their own right.​

Prof. Michael (Micha) Levin

Arts Historian and contemporary architecture

An art form that strives for perfection. Striving for perfection requires courage, and Matityahu knows how to dare.

Matityahu creates a new, complex, and highly engaging aesthetic experience.

Each of Matityahu’s photographed buildings constructs a perfectly built photograph as if they were human. These are an art form that strives for perfection.​

Eldad Rafaeli

Artist, photographer, curator.

These are truly perfect portraits of architecture.                                                                        

Architectural Portraits - what I see is a certain aesthetic and a sense of mystery that draws me in. It does so through the lines and curves shaped by the light, or darkness that leads to the light. There, I find the essence of the photograph that lies just beyond the light, just beyond the image itself. These are truly perfect portraits of architecture.                                                                                                     

Joel Tjintjelaar. The Netherlands.                                                                                                                                    Fine-art photographer, workshop educator, author, and photography software developer.

About the book 
Architectural Portraits - Limited Edition

by Eli Matityahu

Curator : Dr Nissan Perez    

Designer: Shmulik Neto

special and limited edition of 500 copies

Hardcover cloth + jacket,

96 pages of Architectural  Abstract images B&W

special post-processing.

language: English 

Weight: 1 kg.

Dimensions: Height 13" Width 10"   |    33x25 cm.

Printed in Tritone method in the Offset Yapimevi Istanbul.

paper type 150 gsm Garda Pat Kiara. 

Publishing by EM Production & Publishers.

ISBN 978-965-92942-0-6


Why order now?

This is a pure art book of unique photographs in b&w architecture that will captivate and excite the viewer. The book will add respect to the collector's library, museums, and art galleries, and also at your home coffee table.

The book, printed at the highest level 96 pages of fine art paper in size 13"x10", (33x25 cm) was published in the tritone method bound in a fabric cover with embossing and jacket.


Purchasing the book compliments us and encourages us to get started with our next book project. We thank you in advance for every purchase. If you are a real art lover, order now, and start enjoying it right now. Return option within 14 days.

Buy the book now at a limited-time launch sale price of 69 Euros instead of 97 Euros

(248 NIS instead of 350 NIS)
( not inc. delivery).

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